How google algorithms can impact SEO Rankings

Google has created different algorithms to monitor the websites to see whether they follow the Google guidelines or not, and a reliable SEO firm knows the importance of following the said guidelines.


To get an idea regarding the algorithm and the penalty that comes with each of them, it is best to take a closer look. You will definitely appreciate the services of SEO companies after learning something about the different algorithms.

The Google Panda Algorithm

Panda Algorithm was launched on February 23, 2011 and during that time, it hasn’t been named yet. A lot of SEO companies and business website owners thought that the new algorithm was created to seek out sites with unnatural patterns of back link, and they were wrong.

It turns out that Panda Algorithm is after the on-site quality. Site owners of sites that don’t offer quality content will surely get penalized when Google reviewed their sites and found them guilty of having low quality website.

When a site owner asks a Google employee regarding the things that he needs to do to recover after being penalized, the employee will likely refer the site owner to a blog post by one of their employees.

The blog gives a checklist that can help determine the quality of the site, but no one is really sure about all of the factors involved in determining site quality. SEO companies

Ultimately, site owners need to focus on providing the best site for the guests or users when they ask the search engine and to avoid paying a penalty.

They need to avoid thin, duplicate, or low quality content in their site, and a good SEO firm can help site owners avoid being penalized.

The Penguin Algorithm

The Penguin Algorithm was out on April 24, 2012. The aim of Penguin Algorithm is to reduce Google’s trust on sites that cheated their way to the top by creating unnatural back links.

Penguin keeps its eyes open for unnatural links that cheating sites usually use to gain advantage and a good spot in the search list.

Links are Important

SEO services like link building is important. A link is similar to a vote. The more respected sites link to a particular site, the more recommendations the site owner gets, and that means more votes for his site.

If you are a business owner, then it is important that well respected sites recognize the worthiness of your site – enough to create a link back to your site.

The vote of a small unknown site that links to your site is not as weighty as the vote casts by a well known site. However, if you can get numerous votes from small and unknown sites, then expect them to make a difference for your site.

This is also the reason why SEO firms in the past tried to acquire as many links as they could from all sorts of source.

Anchor text is also important in the algorithms that Google has set. Anchor text is the text that is hyperlinked or the underlined text that contains a particular site’s URL when you mouse over it.

If you have SEO news that links to, the anchor text is “SEO news”. If a number of sites use “SEO news” as their anchor text and link it to, then that will send a sort of signal to Google that people looking for “SEO news” are most likely interested in the site and want to see it in their search results.

Untrustworthy SEO companies were able to manipulate the back links in the past by creating a huge number of links from sites that are considered low quality, and it was quite effective.

seo-services-1There were sites that successfully pulled it off for a short period of time, until Penguin detected it and penalized the sites that cheated their way to the top.

Reputable SEO firms make sure that the different services they offer do not defy the recent Penguin update and the same goes with the SEO services.

A Google employee would tell you that Penguin is a site-wide algorithm. It only means that if Penguin Algorithm detects a number of untrustworthy links to your site, then Google’s trust in your site will diminish. An overall reduction in rating will soon follow, and it will hurt your site.

The Hummingbird Algorithm

Google made an announcement regarding Hummingbird Algorithm on September 26, 2013. However, they added that it has been around for about a month. Hummingbird is the new search algorithm of Google.

It deals with search queries in an entirely different and clever way with speed and accuracy while utilizing new technology and the existing algorithm’s older features.

Hummingbird literally breaks the old habits of the search engine. Before, the net surfer types the query in the search box and the algorithm picks words from the typed question and come up with different links that contain the specific words in the query rather than coming up with the links according to the context of the query.
You already have an idea what each algorithm entails, make sure that your chosen SEO Company will not let you pay a penalty.

Why get involved with Open Source Management Systems

Being part of the online community means that you do have to find your people—or those who’d understand your need to feel validated, and know how important it is to gain traffic—and profit, at the same time.

This is why you have to make sure that you get involved with Open Source Management Systems—not only will they be able to help you with your business, they’ll make sure that you know what you’re doing, too!

A great Open Source Management System can help you with the following:

Social Media Intervention

Social MediaWhat better way to promote your online business than with the help of social media right? After all, so many people are using various social networking platforms—which means there are also so many people that you can seek help from. By joining an open source management system, you can get help about the content you can post on different social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram—so you won’t look as if you’re hard selling or that you’re trying to gain attention—even if you really are!

Take care of your Mailing Lists

Sometimes, it’s tiring to think of what you can tell subscribers who are on your mailing list. Not only will they think of topics that you can use, they’d also make sure that projects, updates, and all kinds of news and announcements will easily be known by your subscribers—without any hassle!


Some Open Management Systems also make use of forums—so members of the online community could give their opinions on various matters. Forums are good ways of fostering camaraderie and rapport among people from all walks of life. Forums could be breeding grounds of healthy debates—which could be good for the online community, as this means that improvements could continually be made over time! Hearing what people actually want always matters.

Organizations that you could connect with

Online influencers and hotshot organizations in the business matter. With them, you can widen your reach, and make sure you have the support of people who actually know what they are doing. open source management systems are able to help you get in touch with people who are already experienced in your niche—so you could pick their brains, and make sure that you apply what you’ve learned to your own online business.

Commercial Support

supportAnother easy way of widening your reach is getting commercial support, of course. This means that you need the help of open source management systems that could help you with training, hosting, linking, and even help you with content management, making videos or ads that say, about your blog or business, and make sure that your content would not be considered spam. When this happens, you’d easily get people’s attention the right way—and have loads of chances to gain profit and traffic, as well.

The Spotlight

Some open source management systems make sure that you get your time in the spotlight. This means that you will be featured, so people will learn more about you and what you have to offer. This way, you won’t be alienated from your peers—and you’d have so many chances to make people understand why giving you their time is worth it.

Meetups and Events

And of course, with the help of the said systems, it would be easier to set up meetings and events—so you could see people who does the same things you do—and so you could build your brand even better!

By trying innovations such as open source management systems, you can be sure that your business will not go down the drain!

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Learn Drupal Step By Step

Learning programming language, tech, and more is not something that happens overnight. Millions of students today will testify to the fact that it takes a lot of work to get through the right arenas of expertise. Even if you don’t want to get certification, you will find that this can seem like a daunting task. If you want to learn how to program, work with content management systems, and much more, you’ll want to look into doing it slowly, and methodically. Furthermore, you will no doubt want things to be simplified so that you aren’t lost in the shuffle.

The Reason People Fail To Learn Drupal

Like many other tech elements, people try to learn how to use and master Drupal and give up. The main reason why people give up is because it gets a bit complicated. You could buy a book or take a class, but that is going to demand a lot of your time and focus, and even if you dedicate yourself to it, you may find yourself at a loss. When that occurs, you are more likely to throw in the towel than power through.

drupalTech is not easy to learn for everyone. While there are some that are savvy, learning specific elements and protocol can take a bit more time and focus. In order to ensure that you are getting the right overall options, this blog has been set up. It not only focuses on tips and tricks to learn Drupal, but also focuses on news and views about the world of programming and more.

Not Sure About Drupal?

If you have never heard about Drupal, then you have come to the right place. Focusing on the content management framework, you will be able to learn how to navigate this, edit code, and focus on making sites with the Drupal Core element. This is a system that allows you to create websites, blogs, and so much more. While a small percentage of the world’s websites use this, it’s one of the most powerful and versatile solutions to build web applications.

The community of users and professionals that are working with this content management framework is growing by leaps and bounds. Nearly one million people are members of the Drupal community, and you can join them in learning how to build and use Drupal elements. If you have never really thought about this, then follow along with this blog and see the amazing things that can be done when you master the framework and build modules, themes, and much more.

Learning New Tech Is Always A Good Thing

drupal1No matter what career path you choose, no matter what industry you go into, it’s important to look into learning more tech. This can help you in your current career path and even elevate you to another region of tech. Drupal is a fast growing entity, and will no doubt keep growing as more and more people are looking at creating content management systems and framework that can take on multiple users, cores, and more. As you learn how to work with this, you will also learn elements of API management, PHP, database implementation, content configuration, graphic design, and much more. If you can master Drupal framework, you can master just about anything in tech.

The key to learning is constant focus and building. That’s the goal of Drupal Escuela. To showcase how to work through the framework, and build elements that can help you build a blog, website, and much more. If you have ever wanted to gain momentum into the tech world, this will definitely be a great blog to follow along with. Keep coming back, and you’ll be able to navigate the elements of Drupal and even create your own components.