About Us

Drupalescuela.com is a website dedicated todiscussing Drupal, an open source management system. Drupal rivals other open source management systems such as WordPress and Joomla! In our site, you will find the most effective and useful tips on using Drupal for creating and hosting your website.

Our Goal

Drupalescuela.com aims to provide helpful information on using Drupal as a content management system for building and managing a website. Through our tutorials, learn from the basic to advance functionalities of Drupal and build a powerful site for your business or your blog.

Our Vision

Drupalescuela.com intends to become an authority site where people come and seek our tips and advice regarding the use of a content management system. We pursue to deliver the highest standards of customer service through delivering the most effective tutorials and articles for our readers.

Our Story

Drupalescuela.com is a bunch of individuals who have used a lot of content management systems in creating a blog. We found that Drupal is the most versatile, and most powerful of them all. We decided to spread the good news. What do we get in return? An enlightenment to those who seek the truth.

Our Readers

Millions of bloggers and business site owners do not know that Drupal is as powerful and as effective as other popular and free content management system.With this, we aim to reach these millionsof people who are oblivious or are afraid to try Drupal. We intend to convince beginners and advanced users to use Drupal in creating a website that is more versatile.

Our Tutorials and Articles

Expect to read simple to comprehensive tutorials to help you use and navigate Drupal easier and faster. Some would say that Drupal requires a technical knowledge of HTML and PHP programming language. It is true but with our tutorials, you do not have to worry if you never have read a single book or article on any website coding.

Our Team Members

Our team consists of experts whose skills range from programming to building excellent websites. Our team comprises of authors who have tried and used Drupal and reaped the benefits of using it. We unite to bring our readers topnotch tutorials and articles. We can help you build your dream website.

Our Work Ethics

Drupalescuela.com commits to adopt transparency. Thus, we share our work values and approach to our readers who are interested in learning and glimpsing of how we work. We commit to an excellent service, exercising equity towards any problems that you may encounter with our site and with Drupal. We bind ourselves to a commitment that other blogs do not strive to achieve. We are achievers and we promise to attain our goals and vision.

Our Affiliate Links

Like any other website, drupalescuela.com needs to sustain its operation. Therefore, our readers may see affiliate links, advertising campaigns, or the Drupalaffiliate link. Our readers do not have to worry regarding these links, as they will not be even noticeable.

Our Customer Service

Drupalescuela.com is not just about us. It is also about our readers. Through our community forum, we listen to your comments and complaints. Our readers’ opinions matter to usso we take the time to read and take actions with your suggestions and complaints. Through our customer service, we solve your problems regarding the use of Drupal and the use of our site.

Our Updates

To deliver the freshest news and tips, we will update our site and our tutorials and articles on a regular basis. We will post any changes and updates to our existing tutorials and articles through a note in the tutorials and articles.

What are you waiting for? Become part of our community that is active and friendly. Joining drupalescuela.com will be the greatest decision you have ever made regarding your blogging career.