This website is primarily meant to provide useful, reliable, and relevant information on Drupal, a platform that is used and accessed by millions of people around the world. Drupal Users will benefit much from the latest news and updates about anything Drupal-related.

Drupal helps out in Content Management and eCommerce. When a company uses this, whether developed by an outsource or an in-house developer, the company’s or organization’s visibility will shoot through the roof, and users will be able to benefit much from a responsive and engaging website.

Here are some types of news items that you can expect from this website:

Case Studies

Many major companies, projects, and organizations around the world use Drupal for their Content Management System. These companies usually share how their websites are faring when they use Drupal. Drupal calls these case studies. website will share the latest information on these

With Drupal’s help, traffic has increased in these companies’ websites. Even though these companies and organizations still need the help of SEO for their website designed using Drupal has become more engaging, responsive, flexible and useful.

For instance, Care International UK claims that their new website, designed by a firm called Pedalo, used Drupal to build a more responsive website, with engaging content that’s suited for any type of device. The feedback among their site visitors has been excellent.

Another case study is time-maker company Timex. Timex has been around since 1854, and is still a leader when it comes to excellent timepieces. However, in this day and age, they still need a great website. And that’s what they got with Drupal’s help. The company decided to keep their website design development in-house to cut on costs and to be able to make and implement decisions right away.

These types of news from other companies and organizations will be shared on our website so that other companies can benchmark what others are doing.

Worldwide support

Drupal is known to thousands of users around the world. There is global support, and the multi-cultural community makes it possible to openly share experiences, best practices, and advice about using Drupal. Since Drupal is available in 100 languages, thousands of people, companies and organizations contribute knowledge, advice, and all sorts of valuable support.

The governments of the United States, United Kingdom, and France use a Drupal website to communicate with their citizens. The continents of Asia, Europe, North America and South America are all represented in the Drupal community. The diversity of industries represented in the Drupal community is also staggering. These industries include entertainment, travel, financial services, technology, life sciences, NGO, public sector, retail, and sports. There is always news and information for anyone and everyone who come across this website.

The Drupal community is composed of about a million developers, designers, coordinators, editors, etc. It is one of the largest open-sourced communities in the world, and new members join the community every single day. This community is a place for organizing, meeting, and working on projects.

Readers of this website will get the latest news on the Drupal online community, its latest projects, most impressive designs, forums, support, and social media news.

Readers will also be updated on the Drupal Community Working Group, a regulating body which holds the Drupal Code of Conduct, maintaining an orderly and friendly community. Another update will be from the Drupal Association itself, which fosters and supports the Drupal Community. They are involved in such projects as providing scholarships and grants, and hosting Drupal Cons.